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Australian company creating affordable, hand painted, oil on canvas portraits from photos. Family portraits, pet portraits, ancestral portraits, weddings, anniversaries & more. Scroll down to see our work...

•We can blend several photos together.
•We can change the background.
•You are involved each step of the way.
•Watch our video and view our Gallery section.
•We can also frame or stretch your painting.
•Look at the beautiful results we achieve.

original soldier photo

From these 3 pictures we added the bird and the garden to create a lovely "story". The customer was delighted...

soldier portrait
original soldier photo

From a few reference photos of this "Grandad" we met marching on ANZAC Day, we painted this magnificent portrait. We added the sunset and the flag for a stunning visual effect.

soldier portrait
original ballet photograph

From a photograph taken at a ballet concert we painted this beautiful portrait. We added a backdrop of the moonrise over the sea to give more drama to the portrait.

ballet portrait
original stockman photograph

From a faded black and white photograph, we painted this superb portrait, in colour, with the richness of the Australian outback.

stockman portrait
Cavalier photos

We photographed these two lovely Cavalier King Charles Spaniels at their home...then painted this delightful portrait placing them in a lovely cottage garden.

Cavalier portrait
several photos to make up our portrait

Here's the happily "just married" couple in their airforce uniforms during WWII. And another lovely photo on their 60th Wedding Anniversary.
We combined these photos in the painting on the right, added the sky, and even added the fighter plane in the sky.

ww2 piolet portrait
blurry phot of bay and dog

We took some pictures of this little boy with his beloved family pet... then painted the portrait with a beautiful parkland background.

boy with his dog
original shepherd shot

This was the only photo the customer had of their beautiful German Shepherd that had passed away. She only wanted the painting of the dog alone, so we put him into a lovely forest background and sent him off to Canada...

German Shephard
tattered photo

From the photo above, we corrected the colour balance, and enhanced the overall image. Then we painted this beautiful portrait bringing out all the lovely detail.

traditional portrait painting
colour correction

The photo above became a beautifully painted portrait when we colour correct the image, sharpened the detail and added a more colourful flower arrangement.

woman with flowers
religious paintings
old photo of the saint

This black and white photocopy (above) of St. Bernadette was all we had to work with. We painted the portrait adding the colour and also the Rosaries.

st bernadette
book picture of charles the 2nd

From a small, dark picture of Charles ll, we brought him to life in this awesome painting with more detail and colour as he must have appeared in the original portrait.

charles the 2nd

Nothing is impossible for our artists when it comes to portait painting, our artists are some of the best.
So please call us to discuss what you'd like to achieve.
You'll be amazed at what our portrait painters can do.

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